Advanced yoga poses

Do you regularly go to a sports club and do yoga? You feel that you have achieved the great results and have switched to an advanced level? All of this are the childish pranks compared to the real masters.

Yoga for advanced – is  a chance to improve the quality of life. This level is for those who are interested in a more in-depth study of yoga.

The first and the second levels of training yoga are like a hobby, but an advanced yoga  becomes a way of life. If you want to study in the advanced group, you have to earn it. How? First, you should do yoga regulary at least a year. Second, is the intense interest in yoga. Third, an understanding of why you need it.

In the group of advanced level can not get random people, because there are revealed intimate knowledge of yoga.

  1. Catching up in the "Yoga for advanced", you will know: Custom performance of all the basic asanas.
  2. The therapeutic and the mystical effect of the basic asanas. The therapeutic effect - is aimed at health improvement. The mystical effect - contributes to the development of certain skills and abilities.
  3. Hight odered asanas. For example, Sirshasana (headstand).
  4. The art of managing energy (pranayama). If the first two levels students learn only the basics of pranayama, in the advanced group they perceive the full-breathing techniques.
  5. Secret yogic practice: kriya, mudras, bandhas.
  6. The philosophy of yoga. Of great importance in the group is given for advanced yogic morality (Yama) and lifestyle (Niyama).

Teacher sets up the certain requirements to the advanced level students, that a development will be productive, without it serious practice impossible. Let us discuss them in details:

The first is a discipline.

At the advanced level you could not miss classes without a good reason. You must attend classes regulary!

The second is a daily practice.

You need to attend group sessions three times a week and practice at home, at least for 30 minutes. Teacher makes an individual program for each student for home .

The third is the theoretical basis.

There is a recommended, must-read list of specialized literature on yoga. It is impossible to practice advanced yoga techniques without understanding what you're doing. It's not for you?

Is it not for you?

Openness, ease and confidence are the success and health. Do you think that you could not work and make your daily business takind classes in "Yoga for advanced" group? You are wrong!

You can not only, going to work, do your favorite activities, as usual, but you will have even more opportunities to make your life interesting.

Yoga-games for children: developing imagination, memory and intuition Yoga-games for kids is a fun, creative approach, which will be very useful to the children, because the body only develops and grows. It is important that the child grows up healthy, funny poses help to it, stretching exercises, that are invisible to the child improve his strength, endurance, coordination, and the ability to sense and control his body. While playing a child learns self-control, concentration, attentiveness, develops imagination and intuition, also learns how to breathe, relax and get rid of negative emotions. He will be more calm and level-headed, and his mind is more flexible and faster. Funny, exciting and interactive yoga-games will help to throw out the excess energy to a fun and safe form for the child. So, let’s try?! Yoga-games for children Game:...
Yoga for kids in the kindergarten and at school during classes Yoga helps kids (and teachers!) to be attentive, focused and to deal with life’s stress. Give 5 or 10 minutes of teaching time to show children these simple exercises and do them together right in the classroom. Taking a break from classes for a short time. Yoga exercises help children to relax, release and clear the mind of stress, to give the body and mind the rest. Such kind of breaks help to an even greater focus and attention, after the kids return to school lessons after such a mini-set of yoga again. You do not need any special tools or equipment to carry it out. You should breathe through the nose during exercises. Simple and effective yoga for classroom The windmills. Crossing the midline of the body, as is known to help strengthen the connection between the left...
Yoga for Kids: Happy Baby Pose - Ananda BalasanŠ° Happy Baby Pose (Ananda Balasana) is also called the Dead Bug pose. You can call it the way you need and more interesting at the moment. This pose opens hips perfectly, because their flexibility and mobility are the vital for your knees and back health. It is not difficult to keep for life, the freedom of movement, that babies have, if you pay attention to the proper development and disclosure of hip joints. After all, hip joint - is a place where the upper and lower parts of the body are. Disclosure poses of the hip joint can also help to improve digestion and circulation, because at the time of doing it produced a mediated gentle massage of the internal organs. Ananda Balasan – How to do? Sit down, clasping your feet by the hands . Roll onto your back, feet...
Yoga for Kids: Lion Pose - Simhasana Lions! If you only mention of this magnificent animal where the children are, they begin to roar in unison. The majestic beauty of the lions has captivated people since the beginning of time. In ancient Egypt and Greece, lions were considered as guardians and were used to guard. They were revered for their strength, leadership, courage, dignity and loyalty. Lion Pose (simhasana) is the ideal posture for reconnecting with your inner lion. It allows you to get rid of negative emotions, aggression, while pulling up on the surface the inner strength and wisdom. This pose leads us to the following statements: head up, chin up, to lead others bravly and with love in your heart. Lion Pose - Simhasana Sit crossed-legs, as you wish. Think of something bad in your life that...
Magic yoga for children: a fabulous set of exercises Small children like miracles and magic things. Fairy tales and magical characters can be good ideas for a small children's yoga classes, your kids will surely enjoy it. Let’s try?! Ventilate the room, put the kid on comfy pants and loose T-shirt. Now you are ready for a fabulous training. Pumpkin Breathing pumpkin. Take a deep breath, and chest becomes beautiful and round, like a pumpkin that turns into Cinderella's carriage. Exhale and present, as a carriage decreases and becomes a pumpkin again. Repeat 3-10 times. Such a deep breath fills the blood with oxygen, clears the lungs of phlegm, residues of carbon dioxide, makes them to open maximally and effectively ventilated. Witch’s broom Stand up straight, feet together, arms stretched above...